12 Things to consider when renting Apartments

Abidul Abidul Follow Oct 06, 2020 · 2 mins read
12 Things to consider when renting Apartments
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Crucial checklist of things to consider when moving to a new apartment.

I’ve moved to Amsterdam 2 years ago and along the way, I’ve found that there are things that must exist in the apartment which you can consider whenever you’re viewing an apartment, in an open house, or asking agents for apartment condition.

The list of things to check out is sorted by priority, the last one is least important (sorted them because you never find the right apartment).

Here we go

you can ignore things related to furniture if its an unfurnished choice.

Energy Label

Some apartment has really bad energy label which causes you to spend a lot of money in winter to keep the house warm because the moment you turn off the heating the house will be cold. look for energy label A,B or C Maximum (C is already not that good) but never go for lower. ..

Plumping for drinking water

Make sure the water is drinkable and no issues with the plumbing ..


Some apartments might have bad noise isolation ..


Provided correctly and all the sockets work just fine. plus there are options of electricity providers not just stuck to 1 option.

Sun entering

Is there a good window for the sun to come and does it rise or sunset or neither from your side? ..

Toilet Smell

Some toilets can be bad and clogged. so watch out for those and try them out.

Toilet space if you’re sitting

very low priority but sometimes important with he space-saving.

Cooking materials(induction, Gas (where to get from), ..)

if its gas, it means you have to check the gas provider and gas state in the house. if induction then focuses on electricity. and check for the oven if needed.

Neighbors ( who, where from, studying!!, )

Check who are your neighbors, it might be enough just to know the age range or the type of people around you. (you don’t want to stay up late because your neighbor has a drumset 😉 Washing machine

Exclusive or inclusive

Check whether the bills are included in the rental or not.


I hope this checklist gave you a good piece of mind.


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