AWS Web Application Common Practices

AWS Web Application Common PracticesAn architecture of AWS services to serve a web application according to the latest best practices.

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The Power of 1:1 Meetings - Cultivating Relationships and Nurturing Growth

The Power of 1:1 Meetings - Cultivating Relationships and Nurturing Growth

In leadership, Jul 10, 2023

SAML 2 For Web Explained In Simple Words

I was working on this project a while ago related to SAML Protocol for SSO (Single Sign On) feature. Well, simply to put it into words I had to read a lot to understand how this amazi...

In Tech, tutorial, Aug 23, 2021

A Solution To Run Docker in Mac Using Vagrant

All of us developers using Mac in the 20th century have been facing a big issue. [ DOCKER OVER MAC ]

In Tech, tutorial, Aug 15, 2021

DevOps Tools That Software Engineers Must Know

I’m a Software Engineer. Been that way and I’ll always be.

In Tech, tutorial, Aug 04, 2021

Worry About Tomorrow but ENJOY Today

This isn’t going to be a long read. but, it’s something I realized and made sense to me even though its so obvious.

In lifestyle, Aug 03, 2021

Nurturing Confidence: Empowering Your Loved Ones through Uninterrupted Decision-Making

Its always good to reflect back on how you talk to people and how they talk to you, to build a better communication skill over time.I was thinking lately about an incident that occurs...

In lifestyle, productivity, Aug 03, 2021

I’ve Started a Habit of Being Factful, and It Served Me Well!

So, I’ve started reading this book called Factfullness (by Hans Rosling). Through reading a couple of chapters I’ve encountered much useful information. But, I only want to talk about...

In productivity, lifestyle, Jul 05, 2021

How To Improve AWS Web Server Performance by Checking Your ALB Access Logs

If you have a setup of an AWS infrastructure for your web platform. Then you’ve probably noticed some performance issues that might differ from older times where you see an increase o...

In Tech, tutorial, May 06, 2021

How I Make a Strict Cloud-based Security for My Infrastructure

During my 7years of experience in Backend and DevOps I’ve realized over time that a platform that you help developing and maintain throughout the years is worth nothing if there was a...

In Tech, cloud, tutorial, May 05, 2021

Google knows what you’re going to search for

Today while using Google’s search engine I’ve noticed something super weird, I think google knows exactly what I was going to search for. astonishing and scary at the same time. so, I...

In Tech, news, Apr 25, 2021