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DevOps Tools That Software Engineers Must Know

Abidul Abidul Follow Aug 04, 2021 · 1 min read
DevOps Tools That Software Engineers Must Know
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I’m a Software Engineer. Been that way and I’ll always be.

At a certain point during my career though, I’ve tasted the medicine of Automations. Mother of all of productivity tech. Bearer of the joy. [Devops]

The Tools

Photo by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash Some of those tools that are listed below will definitely help you become more efficient and more productive:


(Main umbrella that will help you with the rest of the tools below) JENKINS Jenkins is a tool that can be hooked to your Github/Bitbucket and be able to trigger jobs/scripts on each push or a push with certain conditions.

Those scripts or jobs are things that helps with your code quality and deployment.

Example: Your code touches a certain part of a big feature. you push your code, Jenkins then will run a script that you’ve setup which will test your code (unit/feature/functional/…) and if you also like can deploy the code to a testing env or even to production depending on your setup.

Another useful tool under Jenkins is


Linters will help you make sure your code quality is top-notch.

You can setup some jobs to check if programmers had put a trailing comma on the same line or the next line. if an unnecessary semicolon was left. weird indentation and so on. you know the drill.

Other useful things that can be done, code sniffers, SonarQ …

Run a Docker container

Photo by Ian Taylor on Unsplash Let’s say you have a certain setup in your local which runs a certain container on docker to test a certain test suite.

you can do that in Jenkins!

Alternatives to Jenkins

Other tools that do exactly the same thing as Jenkin are:

  • Travis-CI
  • Github actions There are others of course, but those are the most known.


Please be a better programmer by understanding at least how your code goes from being just a code to being processed to being setup on server and being served. Be a DevOps educated. Don’t be just a coder ;)

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