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Google knows what you’re going to search for

Abidul Abidul Follow Apr 25, 2021 · 1 min read
Google knows what you’re going to search for
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Today while using Google’s search engine I’ve noticed something super weird, I think google knows exactly what I was going to search for. astonishing and scary at the same time. so, I did a bit of research.

New Google update?

I’ve done some research about this but couldn’t find anything related to this topic in Google’s release updates, which is weird, to be honest.

I’m pretty sure this was changed lately, and it seems like a big change. to give you more context or an example to see how it works check the example section below.


I was searching for a podcast hosting service, so I searched for podcast hosting. but, didn’t like the outcome of the search so I decided to change my searching query. I wanted to find people with how-to articles. so! naturally, I started typing How.. and then I see this

.. Having in mind that I’ve never searched for that before.

This of course happens as long as you have the same session open, the moment you start a new session, it will act like it knows nothing again.


Do you know the update that caused this?

If you do know anything about this update do please share/reply to this article so I can update it with more information. for now, I will keep checking this and if I find new information I will update the article.


Places I used to search for updates

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