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6 Tools That Are a Part of My PHP Programming Setup

A short list of common tools that PHP programmers can really find usefulI’m a PHP developer myself, and I find using tools helps your productivity a lot, so I’ve put together a short ...

In Tech, tools, Apr 23, 2021

8 Interesting AWS Services

8 Interesting AWS Services

In tech, Apr 11, 2021

5 Tips On How To Socialize And Start Topics

A small backgroundI’ve lived abroad for quite some time now (around 6 years) over those years I’ve come to accept the fact that most people lack some certain type of soft skills. For ...

In lifestyle, communication, Mar 22, 2021

AWS Web Application Common Practices

AWS Web Application Common PracticesAn architecture of AWS services to serve a web application according to the latest best practices.

In tech, howto, Jan 16, 2021

Google Photos Isn't Free Anymore

Google Photos Isn’t Free AnymoreGoogle has done it again! They’ve made their Photos App a paid app after they’ve made it clear before that it was free.

In news, tech, Dec 11, 2020

LinkedIn App design update (redesigned)

Linkedin just updated its app with a brand new design inside the app.

In news, tech, Nov 06, 2020

12 Things to consider when renting Apartments

Crucial checklist of things to consider when moving to a new apartment.

In Living, Oct 06, 2020